Dixie Chile Ranch ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR 2019

Thank you for being a part of the Local Food Community and the Dixie Chile Ranch.
Here are our Announcements for the start of 2019 Growing Season.

Go Here for details: Reserved Order Service

All You-Pick this year will be by Reservation ONLY
Details Here: You_Pick Reservations Information
Because of the limited size of our You-Pick fields it is important you call and make a reservation. If you haven’t made a reservation to pick we can not guarantee you’ll be able to pick.
All Reservations take priority over those who just drive up.
Please call 731-225-0456 for Reservations even if it’s just an hour before you want to pick.
The Purpose of this policy is to ensure all who come and enjoy the picking experience will have the opportunity to harvest the amounts they would like to have.
You-Pick items for 2019
Blueberries (Maybe) We are still evaluating the quantities

And of course we will be selling at the Martin Area Farmers Market starting in Mid to Late May on Saturdays. We will be emailing a list of what we will be bring to the Farmers Market Friday evening.
Also you can always call during the week and order any of our items in either large bulk quantities or in the quarts and pound containers we sell at the market and we will bring the items to the market and hold them in reserve

We have Local Raw Honey available at all times at our Roadside Stand

What’s Growing at the Dixie Chile Ranch for 2019

Peppers and Chiles
Bell Peppers
Pimento Peppers
Large Jalapenos
Anaheim Chiles
Cayenne Peppers
Habanero Chiles
Chile De Arbol
(Pico de Pajaro)

Canary Melons

Squash & Cucumbers
Gherkin Cucumbers

Fall 2019

Here’s to a great Local Grown Food Season!
See you soon

Hasta luego

Amigos, Mr. Tim is practically working night and day to get all the chile plants growing, planning for canary melons this summer, pumpkins this fall, and of course strawberries are coming along soon.

So, while I’ve really enjoyed visiting with you every week, with recipes or idioms or history, it’s time for me to say, “Hasta luego” and go help Mr. Tim!

Recuérdame – remember me – when you enjoy green or red chiles!
And come visit us at the Dixie Chile Ranch.

Su amigo jamás, Diego

Needed a little something

Meriwether Lewis took along over 190 pounds of “dried portable soup” to sustain the Lewis and Clark Expedition when game was scarce. Nobody knew what was in the “portable soup” but Lewis was a firm believer in it being highly nutritious. Nutritious or not, the men of the expedition grew to loathe it.

Should’ve added some chile verde, in my opinion.

Su amigo, Diego

Armadillo Eggs

Here’s a recipe you may not have tried but amigos, I think you’ll enjoy the flavor. (And of course, how hot the dish is depends on how hot the peppers are themselves.) Let me know whether you like it – Mr. Tim plans to grow the bigger jalapeños this year himself.

1 dozen fresh whole jalpeños
2 pounds sausage (pork breakfast roll)
½ pound marbled (jack and cheddar) cheese
I box original flavor Shake n’ Bake

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Wash jalapeños, leave stems on. Slit one side of each pepper with paring knife (you may wish to wear gloves to do this). Gently squeeze ends of peppers to open and remove all seeds. Set aside.
Cut cheese into ¼ inch square strips. Stuff peppers with cheese strips. Set aside.
Make one dozen sausage patties, ¼ inch thick, large enough to cover one entire pepper. Place each stuffed pepper slit-side down in middle of a sausage patty and wrap patty around pepper.
Roll all patties in Shake n’ Bake and place on cookie sheet.
Bake 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees, until sausage is done.

Enjoy! Salud! And you can invite everyone over to try Armadillo Eggs (you’ll enjoy their startled reactions).

PS – Tomorrow is National Chili Day! Arriba!