Hasta luego

Amigos, Mr. Tim is practically working night and day to get all the chile plants growing, planning for canary melons this summer, pumpkins this fall, and of course strawberries are coming along soon.

So, while I’ve really enjoyed visiting with you every week, with recipes or idioms or history, it’s time for me to say, “Hasta luego” and go help Mr. Tim!

Recuérdame – remember me – when you enjoy green or red chiles!
And come visit us at the Dixie Chile Ranch.

Su amigo jamás, Diego

Needed a little something

Meriwether Lewis took along over 190 pounds of “dried portable soup” to sustain the Lewis and Clark Expedition when game was scarce. Nobody knew what was in the “portable soup” but Lewis was a firm believer in it being highly nutritious. Nutritious or not, the men of the expedition grew to loathe it.

Should’ve added some chile verde, in my opinion.

Su amigo, Diego