We wish him luck!

The Second Annual Chile Cook-Off is scheduled for tomorrow night in Kenton, TN – and Mr. Tim is cooking his secret ingredient chili to enter in the competition.

Of course, he grew the chiles here at the Dixie Chile ranch – that’s part of the secret, because a chile plant can be very persnickety. You have to know when, and how much of, nutrients like calcium and magnesium to feed the plants. And of course, there’s a lot more to it.

We’ll let you know how the contest turns out! It’ll really be a hot time in the old town – arriba!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a pie made from one of Mr. Tim’s pumpkins on your table this year, and everyone’s blessings are recounted as your family (by blood and by choice) sits down to dinner.

May next year see even more blessings counted in your lives.

İFeliz día de acción de gracias!

Su amigo, Diego

Never ‘nada’ to do

Ah … deep breath … pumpkin season is over. Now comes the planning of crops, the comparison of varieties, the building or refurbishing of ranch structures, the equipment repair, the measuring for new driplines, ordering catalogs, determining the best places for the new fruit trees to be planted, and much more.

Si. The quiet season on our ranch. We’ll keep you posted!

Your amigo, Diego