Lo siento!

I am so sorry; I missed posting one of my little ‘news bits’ yesterday.

It’s been so hot here in the Southeast that farmers and ranchers are having to work shorter hours – but work twice as hard during half as much time. Caramba! Who said farming was easy?!

Apples are visible among the leaves; Canary Melons are thinking about ripening, and yet we still have muchas cestas – many baskets – of peaches.  Schedules, I guess, are for clocks and calendars, not plants and trees.

Enjoy the fresh fruit and vegetables now, and remember to dehydrate, can, pickle, ferment or freeze for winter – the ants have it right. Until next week –

Your amigo, Diego

Really chile nights

The first chile peppers (Anaheim variety – perfect for chile relleños) have already been harvested!

And it’s as hot as a chile pepper outside, at 86 – 90+ degrees, with a heat index you really don’t want to know. So the chile will keep on filling out and growing tasty hot daily.

Just think, in December, those chile relleños will be delicious for a hot meal on a cold night! Would Santa enjoy some left out for him, I wonder?

Hasta luego! Diego




Tweet, tweet

Ah, the canary melons are getting plumper and more juicy by the day. Some of them are already bigger than softballs … their flavor is so good! It’s hard to wait for them to be ripe enough to eat. Just cut one open, scoop out the seeds, and then slice it, arranging them on a serving plate. They’ll keep up to a week in the refrigerator if you wrap them tightly in plastic wrap, or put them into a container with a fitted lid.

A wonderful breakfast is hot buttered toast, a steaming cup of fresh coffee, and slices of ice-cold canary melon. Eating like a king was never easier!

We’ll be at the Martin Farmers Market with them the minute they’re ready – and I’ll keep you posted.

Your amigo, Diego

Little Free Library

We’re excited here at the Dixie Chile Ranch to announce we have a new crop – of books! It’s a Little Free Library, (or Bibliotequita Gratuita) set up in our produce stand at the ranch house. Please come by and “Take a book. Leave a book.” just like all the other Little Free Library locations around the world. (If it’s been raining, you can still look for a book – just peek behind the blue tarp covering the bookshelves.)

We’ve been enjoying talking to folks about what they like to read, as they stop to buy some peaches, or zucchini, or blackberries – and take home a book. After all, it’s a 25-mile round trip to the nearest city library, and sometimes that’s just too long.

So, bienvenidos, and feel free to get some fresh food and mind food at the same time! (Here’s a link so you can see some of the other Little Free Library examples from all over: https://littlefreelibrary.org/about/ ) See you soon!