Another Chile Poem

Sonnet CLIV
There once was a group that loved chile
And who seasoned their food willy nilly
But with no respect for others
Who, if given their druthers,
Would consider the heat rather silly.

I urge all heatophiles to discretion
Since to recruit is the unwritten mission
Gently introduce heat
To the non-CH’s* meat
So they someday will share in the vision.

It is childish to name them with mocking
As if personal tastes were so shocking
They are not lesser creatures
Nor do they lack worthy features
Just ’cause they don’t want their own palates rocking.

No great contest is lost by being shown up
By a CH who prefers his food blown up
Consideration’s the key…
Let the non-chilehead be!
And thus behave more like a grown up.

Copyright 1997 E. Kimball
(*CH – ChileHead)

Readers y amigos, if you’ve written some chile poetry, please send it along!
While it’s too cold to have a chile cook-off, we can always have a Chile Write-Off!
Su amigo, Diego


Si, spring is definitely on the way

No matter how bad the winter weather looks outside, amigos, I can say with certainty that spring is coming.

How do I know?

Mr. Tim ordered chile pepper seeds yesterday. Arriba! He wouldn’t tell me which kinds he ordered this year – he’s waiting to surprise everyone when they’re planted – but he did say there were some hot peppers … and some hotter peppers … and some very hot peppers.

Sounds muy delicioso to me! Can’t wait for spring.
Su amigo, Diego