Plants have daytimers ?!

With the temperatures back up into the high 80s and even feeling like 100 degrees at times, the plants are continuing their growing season, apparently.

Mr. Tim went out to check on the canary melons, expecting them to be finished for the season – surprise! At least twenty delicious melons should be ready for the Martin Farmers Market on Saturday. That’ll cheer up everyone who’s missing summer already.

Though I really wish we could save some of these overly-warm days and have them in January … or February … maybe March …

Est√° lloviendo!

And it was raining last week due to a hurricane too. Gosh, I hope the weather isn’t going to make this a habit.

The pumpkins are getting so big – we really need to re-name them ‘plumpkins.’ We’ll take the last of the watermelons and canary melons to the Farmers Market in Martin this Saturday most likely. And then autumn will really start making itself felt.

Have you thought of how you want to decorate your casa for the fall and Halloween yet?

Less rain than predicted

We missed the worst of the drenching rains left over from Hurricane Harvey; only about 2 inches instead of 5 – 7. Temperatures have already cooled considerably at night, so the last of the tomatoes, ¬†apples and peaches have crossed the finish line and the pumpkins are lining up to start their big race. They’ll be running neck and neck with the final chile crop for this year.

Mmmm! Pumpkin bread and pies, and plenty of red chile powder to put on tacos, tamales, grilled meat … it must be lunch time. Tengo ambre! (I’m hungry!)

Hasta luego – Diego