Only two months ’til Christmas ?!?

Did everyone get small but delicious loaves of zucchini or green tomato bread baked and hidden in the freezer? Or those special bread-and-butter pickles that folks enjoy so much put up?

Well – it’s not too late! You can still make and bake other quick breads, pies, cakes and muffins so your annual Christmas goody baskets hold some surprises. (Pumpkins do keep very well, you know.)

It may be too early to say Feliz Navidad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking about and planning for a special holiday. Si!

Your amigo, Diego

Was that the dinner bell?

We wranglers eat really well here at the Dixie Chile Ranch … Mr. Tim makes wonderful chile rellenos, a super Sangria and great tacos. He roasts chile peppers over a hardwood fire and then makes his special, secret chile powder which local folks buy and add to their favorite recipes. Miss Terri bakes bread, cakes, pies, cookies and muffins. Mmmm!

Everyone cooks and bakes, roasts and grills … except me. However, I have a very important, muy dificil job. I have to taste-test everything. Si, it’s dificil (difficult). But I manage.

Hasta luego! Diego

Giving pumpkins character

Or bringing out the character in every pumpkin? I don’t know … what do you think?

This alien is afraid of humans!

And of course, every Halloween the creepy, evil clowns come out of the woodwork …

This ghost is a little on the tentative side, yo creo (I thinK) …

Ah, well …back to work. Mr. Tim is wrangling pumpkins practically from dawn to dusk. Hope you have fun with your Halloween decorating!
Hasta luego, Diego