Stop by and say “Hi”

Or “Hola!” if you want – our roadside stand is open, with white or yellow peaches, blackberries, cucumbers and zucchini! Sweet corn and tomatoes are coming soon. There’s goats’ milk soap and local Honey Jelly available too, as well as several shelves of books to read in the Little Free Library.

We’ll be here – hope to see you soon!

Your amigo, Diego

First day of summer

And lots of things are happening meanwhile back at the ranch. We had our whole rural street repaved, so it looks really nice and once the gravel shoulders and stripes are replaced, you’ll have a smooth ride to our hacienda.

Blackberries are beginning to open and plump up nicely, so our You-Pick should be open next week! Peaches are in, of course, and we hope to offer them in the roadside stand at the start of every week. And did I mention sweet corn should be available next week too? Arriba!

We’ll also be keeping an eye on the weather  – a possible 4 to 5 inches of rain for us Friday, if Tropical Storm Cindy decides to create some frog-stranglers.

All in all, busy and bustling – see you soon!




Back again

So nice to see everyone again at the Martin Farmers Market! The University of Tennessee provided some fabulous music to get us started, and it was super to see old friends/shoppers from last year’s farm season (and the year before that, too).

If you have a Farmers Market near you, please check it out this summer – and meet the folks who grow your food!

Salud!     Diego

A first ?!

If all goes well, the last of the strawberries for this year AND the first of the peaches will be available at the Martin Farmers Market Grand Opening this Saturday, June 10.

Wow! Locally-grown strawberries and peaches at the same time – that’s not happened before, to my knowledge. At least not here at the Dixie Chile Ranch.

Now I don’t know which treat to wish for – strawberry shortcake or a fresh peach milkshake…  caramba! What a dilemma!

Your amigo, Diego   (maybe if I draw straws … )