My favorite hobby

Working on a chile ranch means not only do you build up an appetite, but around here, you also get to try new foods.

Now, my favorite hobby is – eating! And I just found out there are quite a few delicious ways to prepare a Turk’s Turban Squash. (You may know it as a Turban Squash or a Turk’s Cap.)

Treat it like you would a pumpkin: slice a little off the top, scoop out the seeds and roast the rest of it in the oven or on the grill. You can stuff it like a bell pepper or make a rich, creamy soup out of the pulp and then serve the soup in the squash as a bowl!
Check recipes at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (Mr. Tim buys their seeds frequently.), or

Bueno. Don’t forget to add some chile to the ingredients!
… I believe it’s time for me to go indulge my hobby …
Salud! Diego

Peppering the conversation

We like to kid, to say, “It’s always chile here at the Ranch.” Yep, it’s kind of a lame broma [joke], but hatching chile jokes is a pastime for us. You can always plant a pun or two, and getting a groan is the same as applause. And certainly better than a heated argument, Mr. Scoville.

Email us your absolutely worst chile pun (read or green) and we’ll select the one which elicits the most groans. The winner will receive a really spicy surprise for his or her tastebuds!

Hasta luego, Diego

Esta lloviendo!

Ever notice how, when you ask a farmer, “So how’s the weather?” or, “Hot enough for you?” you get a very detailed answer, probably more than what you were really expecting.

Well … that’s because farming is definitely one occupation or career that’s really dependent on the weather as to preparing the soil, sowing seeds or planting slips or bulbs, how much water needs to be put into the fields and when to harvest, as well as many, many other details in between and even after harvest. In short, a farmer studies the weather carefully because it determines his very livelihood.

Guess we all can overlook the 43-minute dissertation on whether it’s going to rain today or not. Just grin and say, “Esta lloviendo!” (“It’s raining!”)

Su amigo, Diego


This empty, tiny bird’s nest was found while we were harvesting grapes at the Ranch.
I thought at first it was a hummingbird’s nest, but theirs are smaller and much neater.
So it must’ve belonged to a house wren. Thought you’d like to see it!

your amigo, Diego