Pick, pick, pick …

Ay yi yi and whew! It’s been busy around here the last few days. Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with our neighbors and friends to the west and south of us  – but the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is due to hit the Ranch and nearby farms starting tonight.

So the last of the peaches (Autumn Prince variety) have been picked, and the last of the apples picked and safely stored, and the new strawberry plants taken care of … so I guess we’re  ready for our share of the strong winds and driving rain.

Good luck/buena suerte everyone, and stay safe.

Your amigo, Diego

Las manzanas

The apples are almost ready to be picked.

Isn’t it amazing how many different things that grow well here in West Tennessee make wonderful pies? (Mr. Tim says he likes only two kinds of pie: “Hot or cold.”)

Strawberry pie, blueberry pie, blackberry (cobbler really is better than pie, so we’ll count that); peach pie, apple pie, pear tart, pumpkin pie …

I’ve never heard of (or tried) a watermelon pie, but there’s always a first time! Anyone have a recipe? (The one made to look like a big watermelon slice but is actually raspberry, pineapple and lime sherbet doesn’t count – sorry!) We’d like to hear from you.

Hasta luego; your amigo, Diego

Pumpkins, pumpkins, calabazas everywhere

You should see how big the pumpkin plants are growing already! Their smaller leaves are the size of basketballs – and the ranch will have some early pumpkins by Labor Day. Wow! (Can you see the pumpkin hiding behind a leaf in this photo?)

That reminds me. I’ve always thought this saying was funny: “No cabría el ratón en su agujero y llevaba calabazas.” A rat carrying pumpkins will not fit into its rathole.

What a mental picture, no?  Until next week – your amigo, Diego

Los gatos

Now we have another crop – of cats and kittens, six in all. Some irresponsible folks just assume dumping unwanted pets isn’t being mean – the cats can catch mice, and someone will take the dogs in, right?

Well, no. Not always. Here at the ranch, we’ve rescued probably 25 cats and kittens over the years, and four or five abandoned dogs. Our neighbors have done the same. It’s muy triste – very sad – because if the discarded animals don’t get run over, they’re in danger from farm equipment (you can’t see a tiny kitten from a combine window) and from coyotes, owls, snakes, hawks and wild dog packs. There have even been sightings of a cougar in the nearby marshlands.

We know our readers don’t throw pets away! But please pass the word along – call a rescue group or even the shelter, which, while it isn’t a great choice, may be kinder in the long run. Muchas gracias!