Happy Halloween y Dia de los muertos!

Hope you celebrate whichever days hold the most meaning for you and your family!

Halloween of course has European roots (the jack o’ lantern started out in Ireland and Scotland as a carved turnip) and El Dia de los Muertos was begun by the Aztecs some 3000 years ago. It’s a fiesta with special meaning.

The best way to describe El Dia de los Muertos, in case it’s a new holiday to you, is to say it’s close to the U.S. Memorial Day. Families gather to remember those who have died, but to celebrate their lives – tell stories about them, cook and eat their favorite foods, go to the cemetery and carefully clean up gravesites and pull weeds.

You’ll see many events scheduled in our Southwestern states. But more people are beginning to celebrate their own Dia de los Muertos as a way of keeping family traditions and folklore passed down to the next generation.

So, bake some cookies, ice them to look like skulls, put bouquets of marigolds out at the cemetery, and truly celebrate your dear ones’ lives. Smiles instead of tears, yo creo.

You can celebrate all three days if you wish:
October 31, Halloween; November 1st, All Saints’ Day or Dia de los Innocents; and November 2nd, All Souls’ Day and El Dia de los Muertos.

your amigo, Diego


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