Surf’s Up, Chile Heads!

If you like knowing cool facts about your favorite hot spice (for example, the poblano is known as an ancho chile once it’s red, ripe and dried), here are some really neat sites I’ve found that you may like: Great reference. This site is a little hard to read, but has interesting facts throughout: Wilbur Scoville, who invented the ‘heat scale’ still in use today back in 1912, was a pharmacist by trade. Bet he knew a lot of ways to extinguish the flames in your mouth. If you want to venture into growing your own pet variety. Cayenne Diane … ay yi. There’s a lovely lady’s name with which I’d certainly be smitten.
Did the Smithsonian expedition to Bolivia find the true source of all the chile peppers in the world?

Of course, there’s much more information on the net – but these sites will give you enough facts and curiosity-sparks to have you adding to your chile knowledge and tasting them too!

Salud! Diego


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