Just the facts, ma’am

Well, here are some more chile facts you can casually mention over your next plate of tamales y frijoles:

Scientists think Central American farmers first cultivated, cooked and ate chile peppers in 7500 BC.

The chile pepper got to South Asia some time in the 1500s. Christopher Columbus, who tried to get to Asia in the 1500s, brought the chile pepper home to Europe.

Worldwide in 2014, over 32 metric tons of green chile peppers were grown! (Glad I don’t have to wrangle near that many.) Half of these were grown in China.

Elephants don’t like the smell of chile as it’s growing, and farmers have found they can grow rows of chile around their other crops to deter the pachyderms.

There you are – enjoy your chile facts as well as your chile – spice up your conversation as well as your supper!

Su amigo,


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