One of the best articles ever

Hola, amigos! Just found one of the best articles I’ve ever read about the wonderful ‘manna from Heaven,’ or Hatch, New Mexico, green chile.

You may or may not know that Mr. Tim got his first seeds (and advice, and correspondence, and tips and …) from the Chile Institute in New Mexico, but you likely haven’t read a good explanation of why green chile is the ultimate complement (and compliment) to hundreds of delicious dishes created in the state.

Well – click on this link to a superb article by David Tanis, “Inside New Mexico’s Hatch Green Chile Obsession” You’ll get a little history, a wonderful glimpse of the lengthy process for fresh, smoked, roasted or dried chile, descriptions of some fiestas and a tantalizing insight into the world’s favorite spice.

Ahh – to be home during the harvest when you can smell the roasting chile and taste its hot spicy sweetness literally in the smoke. I hope all of you, our readers, get to be there in person someday. It’s really a special experience – and Señor Tanis does a fabulous job describing it. Enjoy! Con gusto! Diego


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